Frequently Asked Questions

Who are The Bra Sisters?

We are specialist bra fitters trained in post-mastectomy fitting to support women on their breast cancer journey.

We are certified in standard and post-surgery bra fitting by Pudding Lingerie. We’ve both had breast cancer, so we understand the journey you’re on and our aim is to make you feel beautiful and confident about your body.
You can read our story on the who we are page.


Do you work for a certain brand?


We research both mainstream and specialist brands to find the best bras for women who have had surgery or treatment for breast cancer. We currently stock lingerie and swimwear from a curated selection of brands and will continue to seek out, trial and stock the best products for our clientele.


Do I have to buy my bras from you?


We will provide a selection of bras for you to try on and if you like them, you can buy them directly from us. However, we’ll also give you advice on choosing the right bra, and your correct size, so you have the confidence and knowledge to go shopping yourself.


How much does a consultation cost?

All our services are bespoke to you and your needs, so please get in touch for a quote.


Why is it important to have a bra fitting?

80% of women wear the wrong bra size. After breast cancer surgery it’s even more important that you feel safe, secure and comfortable in your bras and that you’re supported correctly. Wearing the wrong size bra can not only be uncomfortable, it can cause pain and discomfort in other parts of your body and affect your confidence.

Being fitted for the right size bra will make you – and your boobs – feel much happier.


Can I wear a regular bra after breast cancer surgery?

Yes! Many people assume that you can’t wear the same underwear that you were wearing before breast cancer but this isn’t true. The important thing is that you are professionally fitted so that you are wearing bras that suit your new shape. Some people prefer to continue wearing mainstream bras, others prefer specialist ones.


When is the right time to have a bra fitting?

We recommend that you have a fitting as soon as you feel comfortable after your surgery.


Can I wear an underwired bra after breast surgery?

Yes again! But only if you want to. It’s a really personal decision. If wearing underwired bras is something you enjoyed, we can help you find the right styles to suit you. You can wear a prosthesis with an underwired bra.


What's your Returns Policy? ​

We want you to absolutely love your new Bra Sisters purchase! If your new item is not quite right we have the following return options available to you here.


If I live overseas can I still purchase from the Bra Sisters? ​

Sure can! Please take a look at our shipping information here for the options available to all our customers.


Can I send a Bra Sisters Gift?

Yes, please get in touch for a unique code that will entitle the receiver to a gift amount of your choosing. The receiver will be sent a gift code email (on a date of your choosing). This can be redeemed against products on the shop or towards a bra fitting. The gift code will be valid for 12 months from purchase.


Am I entitled to a VAT exemption on my purchases? ​

Under Group 12 of Section 8 of the Value Added Tax Act 1994 guidelines, we do not charge VAT on mastectomy products supplied to UK customers who have undergone breast surgery or who have such surgery planned, provided that these items are for their own personal use.​ 

Please enter the promo code VATEXEMPT at checkout to benefit from your exemption. By claiming the VAT exemption, you are confirming that you are purchasing items for your own personal use and that you live in the UK.

If you have any queries regarding this, please get in touch for further advice.