Fitting Guide

  • Boob 'Droopage'

    Are your boobs drooping at the front? If so, you’re probably in the wrong size.

  • Hooks

    Is your bra on the loosest hook? Can you pull out the band by more than two fingers? If so, you’re probably in the wrong size. 

  • Straps

    These should be mid shoulder and only half way adjusted (not all the way to the top or all the way to the bottom!). If they’re falling off the shoulder or digging in, you’re probably in the wrong size.

  • Under Band

    Your under band should be firmly anchored around your body, in a straight line at the front AND back.

  • Underwire​

    If you wear underwired bras. The underwire needs to sit clear of your boob tissue. If it feels squidgy when you press it, then it means the underwire is too far forward and the cup size is probably too small.

  • Overspills

    There should be no overspill in the cup - if you’re popping out over the top, you’re probably in the wrong size.

  • The Bit in the Middle

    The centre front of the bra (the bit that joins the two cups together!) needs to sit flat against your chest wall. If that bit is sticking out, then you’re probably in the wrong size.

  • Side "wings"

    The side wings need to sit flat. If they are starting to crease or roll over, you’re probably in the wrong size.

  • Mind the Gap

    The cups should sit firmly against your body - with no gaps underneath.

  • Non-wired

    For maximum comfort and until any scarring has healed, it's best to go for a non-wired bra.

  • Compression Bra ​

    You may be advised to get or be given a compression bra or firm support sports bra if you’re having a reconstruction. We stock a number of excellent options.

  • Radiotherapy 

    If you’re having radiotherapy, you might find your skin becomes sore or super sensitive. Some people find chemo can make their skin feel different too. Be kind to your skin and choose a super soft option like super soft cotton or Bamboo.

  • Lumpectomy​

    If you’ve had a lumpectomy, a soft, supportive non-pocketed bra could also be an option.

    You might want a pocketed bra if you decide to use a partial prosthesis or chicken fillet to even out your sizing, to keep it in place. 

  • Front Fastening​

    A front fastening bra may be useful if your movement is initially restricted, especially with lymph node removal.

  • No Reconstruction

    If you’ve had a mastectomy with no reconstruction, a soft, supportive pocketed bra could be suitable, especially if you’ve been given a comfi or softie to come home with.